O jurnalistă a fost salvată de la moarte, în direct, de o telespectatoare! Detaliul identificat la timp care ar fi putut provoca o tragedie

Publicat: 29 Jan. 2020, 09:50 News

O jurnalistă celebră a fost la un pas de moarte! O telespectatoare a identificat la timp boala de care suferea, chiar în timp ce jurnalista se afla în direct, la TV.

Este vorba despre jurnalista Antoinette Lattouf din Australia care se afla într-o emisiune de televiziune în momentul în care o urmăritoare i-a spus că are probleme serioase de sănătate.

Potrivit Dailymail, jurnalista a ascultat și a mers la medic, acolo unde a fost consultată – boala de care suferea i-ar fi fost fatală!

Jurnalista Antoinette a aflat că, în urma analizelor, suferă de o boală autoimună, iar chistul de la gât care îi apăruse trebuia extirpat imediat. Chistul se afla chiar deasupra corzilor vocale. Din fericire, nu era cancerigen, dar tumoarea benignă poate conduce spre moarte, dacă nu este tratat.

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Recovering from neck surgery has been incredibly painful, making it near impossible for me to speak or move for days. So I’ve had plenty of time to think and reflect on the past few months. In November, a remarkable woman alerted me to a serious health issue that I was not aware of. She’s a grandmother from regional Victoria with no medical training, but felt compelled to contact Network 10 after spotting a lump on my throat while I was on air. Wendy McCoy and I are now friends and the tale of our unlikely friendship made headlines not only around the country but also in countless languages across the world. It surprised both of us that this peculiar arrival at a health diagnosis caught so many people’s attention. I think it’s because the internet and news cycle is so often overwhelmingly negative and often showcases the worst of humanity. Yet Wendy demonstrated just how much impact being kind to a stranger can have. In addition to needing surgery to remove the to lump and bone on my voice box, I will now also have to manage a life-long autoimmune disease. Luckily, getting swift medical attention has meant there shouldn’t be a significant impact on my health moving forward, and I’m reassured my voice will come back. I’ve also been made an Ambassador for the Australian Thyroid Foundation, because this case has started so many conversations about thyroid disease (a friend in Canada called saying he overheard two women at the gym talking about Wendy and I, and relatives also came across the story on cable television in the Middle East). So, what can you take away from this? 1. Be kind to others, even strangers. You have no idea how much it may affect their life. 2. A lot of people have asked how I didn’t notice it myself. I guess If something grows slowly over time, it’s easy not to notice it. It also popped out more when I spoke and turned my head. 3. If you’re concerned about your health, seek medical advice promptly. I went to the doctors within hours of Wendy’s message. For more on this journey, I’ll be catching up with Wendy on @studio10au on Tuesday and the full surgical journey on @10newsfirstsyd on Monday. Until then, rest and recovery for me!

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Pare-se că tânăra s-ar fi confruntat cu acest chist încă din copilărie, când începea să se dezvolte. Ar fi putut să-i afecteze capacitatea de a vorbi, respira sau de a înghiți ulterior.

Jurnalista, mamă a doi copii, a mărturisit într-un interviu că recuperarea a fost foarte dificilă după ce chistul i-a fost îndepărtat. Ba mai mult decât atât, femeia a și vorbit cu persoana care i-a salvat viața, o bunicuță din Australia pe numele său Wendy McCoy. Ea a intervenit în direct pentru a salva viața jurnalistei, după ce o prietenă de-ale acesteia a avut cancer tiroidian.

Publicat: 29 Jan. 2020, 09:50 News
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